Dealing with child’s anger

It is mostly in the teen years that your kids feel that they have grown too old to tolerate you and your advice. They also start enjoying their new found freedom. Suddenly, from the cute, all-abiding and the innocent your child has grown into a rebellious teen! This is the case in most homes.

Kids start arguing with their parents for silliest of the things and parents do not know how to deal with all this. They are always looking for solutions for their friends and immediate family members to solve their issues with their kids. Here, communication is the key. There is no point in arguing with your kids. Whenever, an argument arises just quietly walk away and later talk to your child in private. Try to sort out the issues when both the parties are in the mode of a discussion and settling the issue.

Some parents also face the problem of fulfilling their kids’ demands. There is just no end to it. Rather than pampering your kid every time, learn to say a ‘No’ and be firm on your decision come what may.

In reality, teen age life is not easy-leading. It is an age of discovery, battling with your own thoughts and thoughts of the world and things that parents tell children and things that teen want to do themselves. They want to experience life and have fun and parents get extra conscious letting their child be on their own. The idea is hence to strike a balance – don’t be too strict and don’t agree to all that your child tells you/demands from you.

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