Dealing with A Spoiled Child

Some children are spoiled in nature. But remember, if your child is spoiled then you are also responsible for it. Children inculcate values from parents. The oft repeated statement of kids being the clay that parents need to mould holds so true. It is quite understandable that a child is our world and we like to make him as happier as possible but there must be a line that needs to be drawn. Its job of the parents to analyze why kids are spoiled and where they themselves have gone wrong in their parenting methods. Whenever a child displays good manners the credit goes to the parents and the values they imparted in the kid. Similarly if child is not disciplined and prone to throwing tantrums, parents must take responsibilities for it.


The process must begin with spending quality time with the kids and explaining him what is good and what is bad. One funny thing about parenting is blind love felt by the parents. Parents often assume that mistakes of the child are enjoyable and it must be enjoyable for everyone. But the truth is some kids are simply unbearable and often termed as spoiled children.  The problem starts with satiating each and every whim and fancy of the kid. This begins a nasty habit where child expects his unreasonable demands to be met every time just because it has been done previously.


Yes, valid demands must be met but parents must distinguish between what is reasonable and what is not. Observe your child closely and try to explain them calmly. Explain them what is acceptable and what is not. Keep a check on his demands and follow a consistent behavioral pattern. Finally, if child shows any sign of improvement you must praise them.


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