De-Conditioning Your Children!

There goes a saying:


“Nobody is Perfect”. It is so true. Everyone is so unique in their own way. Every individuals wants are different. Since their wants are different, their perceptions are different as well and thus their behaviors. Thus, there is bound to be a difference in the behavior of a child compared to his/her parent. Therefore, a parent cannot deny the fact that every child has the right to be unique in their own way.


Most times, we as parents deny our child the right to be different from us because we fear that they will leave us. We want them to behave exactly the way we behave. We want our children to live exactly the way we live because we want them to remain closer to us. We try to create an attachment but in that process, we create conflicts. We certainly deny our children their unique individuality and their natural freedom to experience life in their own way.


Firstly, a parent should not impose beliefs within the child at allmost all times. This is because a child requires to develop the art of perceiving the truth by themselves rather than be dependent on their parent to help them perceive at all times. What would be better for you as a parent… children realizing the reality by themselves or not realizing the truth even after depending entirely upon his/her parent(s)?


Secondly, a parent must let the child put up questions in front of you as a friend. Parents must not fear questions and rather face them straight away without any hesitation. If a parent does not like to answer a question, a parent can choose to remain silent which will naturally help the parent to avoid answering a certain question. Still, answer as many question righteously – as much as possible.


Thirdly, a parent must leave decision making to their children slowly and steadily as their child grows grows. Once children discover the art of decision making, they become self-responsible. Some children may or may not be in a position to decide for themselves but still, you must develop a habit of making their own decisions. During that period, a parent must guide the child in being a better decision maker. Parents must ensure their child makes good decisions and not just leave everything in their hands. Grooming their child in a way that the child becomes independent by itself is the key. This way, they turn responsible in their behavior.


De-condition your child and make them self-responsible! Happy Parenting!

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