Daughter- Self Defense

It’s a very well known but sad fact that women are prone to physical attack by hooligans. From the outer surface, everything seems so bright; growing economy, rising employment opportunities, improved literacy rate, women climbing the ladder of corporate success but attack on women especially the young ones including working females are also on the rise. Females lack physical strength and combine this lack of power with maligned intentions of evil-intentions of male and the outcome is frightening. Every now and then, we come across news of attacks on females in places like Delhi and Mumbai. Many of you parents have young daughters who often have to venture out of the safety of home because of college or job. It’s natural for you then to get worried about their safety in times like these. Not every young daughter will fall prey to some unfortunate incident but its better to be safe than sorry. It comes as a great idea to teach your daughter to fend for herself.


First step begins with enrolling her in a marital arts course. These self-defense classes teach a great deal of instilling confidence and empowerment amongst the females. They not only help your daughter to learn to strike but also teach her how to overcome shock and fear in times of sudden attack. These self-defense classes are all about making them aware of possible situations and initiating the emboldening process.


These classes also prove very useful in learning focus in all aspects of life apart from a sense of self-confidence. Its not easy being a parent but you can always take the essential steps so your daughter can walk with her head held high through out her life.

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