Cough Issues with Children

There are lots of infections and allergies that catch a child easily because of a not so strong immune system. Cough is also one of them. Coughing extracts a lot of energy from the child as the whole body loses energy during the repetitive reflexes caused by it. Cough is nothing but reflexes caused by the body in order to prevent the throat and respiration system from choking. Cough is actually a process which saves your child from choking by mucus. An occasional cough is not at all a problem since it does not harm the child in any sense. But a cough series can spread over some days or weeks if there is any infection behind it like a viral infection. In this case a medical  treatment is compulsary.

There are many reasons behind a repetitive cough session with a longer duration –

ASTHMA – It is a severe problem which is also followed by a respiration problems causing attacks.

NASAL PROBLEMS – Minor or major problems can also cause coughing.

STOMACH REFLUXES – It is a condition where the stomach fluid refluxes upto the throat and this causes cough in children. This reflux can happen with or without heartburn. Mostly a heartburn is experienced with reflux in a patient of acidity.

POST INFECTION – Even after the infection’s correction, cough can last for many days. This cough does not need any medication and goes away eventually.

THROAT INFECTIONS – Throat infections because of bacterias also develope a chronic cough session.

CHOKED THROAT – Exess coughing is caused when child’s throat is choked due to some reason. The reason could be a foreign body, food, water or any other subject.


For the medication of chronic cough the first step is to find the reason behind it. For this the physician should be contacted. If there is even a subtle hint of asthma, quickly contact your doctor. Nasal problems, throat infections can be cured by using medications. Post infection cough is usually cured by itself with time but if takes time longer than usual, take cough syrups or consult the doctor.

There are many natural medications that are available at home only and can be used without any fear of side effects. Basil leaves and ginger have very good cough removing properties. These can be given to the child directly or by mixing in some other liquid like milk or tea. If given with tea or milk, they must be boiled with the fluid for some time.