Coping With A Non-Responsive Child!

Sometimes children just see what you are doing and learn from it. They do not understand whether it is good or bad at most times though when they reach the age of 7 years old, however they do realize if there is something going wrong.


As a parent you might have minor or even major fights between you and your spouse and this will definitely give a negative impression of you in front of your dearest child. Thus, children may turn negative towards you, especially when you scream with anger at them. Children are very delicate from inside and a parent screaming at a child is certainly the worst mode of parenting a child.


How do you deal with a situation when the child is becoming negative or non-responsive towards you as a parent?


It will be good for you and your child if you openly discuss this with your child. Tell him/her that you love them a lot but are really very hurt because of their behavior towards you. Leave the matter at that and keep looking straight into their eyes expressing your true love for them. You just have to melt them from within. Become your child’s friend of the age your child is right now rather than behave as a father/mother and experience the fantasies of your childhood once again to make your child happy. Happy Parenting!

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