Constipation Problem with Children

Constipation problem rises when the frequency of bowel action or bowel movement is reduced. When the bowel actions occurs less frequently compared to a healthy state, this problem occurs. In constipation the child may also face problems in excretion as the stools tend to be hard and dry.

Constipation is very common in children and even in grown – ups and it is not at all a  serious concern. It also does not last for very long and could be cured without any synthetic medicine or treatment, by domestic cures only. Though it is not a serious problem but a continuous or frequent constipation problem sometimes leads to physical derogation or mental problems or both.


Children often develope this problem when they delay the excretion for a long time. Stool withholding is a chief cause of the problem. A child can do this for many reasons –

  1. He is tensed about the potty training and manners he is being taught
  2. He feels embarrased to use a public toilet
  3. He is facing any inflammation during the excretion process
  4. Due to the absence of a proper time-table, his playing time or some other time clashes to his time of excretion etc.


Delay in bowel movement hardens the stool and hence the process of excretion is very painful for the child. Dry stool also causes inflammation and rashes in the anus. Sometime a large mass of stool is collected in the rectum that unexpectedly leaks soiling the child’s underwear and parents misunderstand this as diarrhea.

Some other reasons for constipation are –

  1. Some birth defects
  2. An incomplete diet. Low fiber diet causes constipation.
  3. Over using synthetic medicines or some specific medicines like antiacids, antidepressants.
  4. Some deseases like diabetes and doen syndrome.




  1. Dry or hard stools. Larger stools also indicate towards the problem.
  2. Painful bowel movements or / and inflammation during excretion.
  3. Cramping or abdominal pain.
  4. Fewer ( less frequent) bowel movements.

       Treatment of constipation –

  1. 1.      Dietary problems are also a cause of constipation so by taking healthy diet and following a proper time schedule for your diet can help you to treat constipation. Take more high-fibre foods, vegetables, fruits and whole grain etc.
  2. 2.      Taking laxatives and adopting some healthy habits for good bowel performance. Laxatives should be taken after consulting a doctor.
  3. 3.      Follow a time- table for giving food to your child and fix his timings to visit lavatory for excretion.