Confidence Boosters

The importance of self-confidence cannot be further emphasized. One of the most important aspects of a personality, self-confidence can literally make or mar your chances in all the spheres of life. With increasing competition in all the spheres of life, it is very imperative for the kids to have confidence. That’s the only way to make his mark in this highly competitive world. But instilling those values of confidence in the life of a child is job of the parents. A kid cannot do it on his own. He learns from the situations and atmosphere prevailing in the household. Keeping in view importance of confidence in life of a child, let’s talk about few ways that can enhance his highly crucial quality in kid’s life.


Parents often have a tendency of trivializing things. But that approach must be changed. The reason being what seems to be small issue for you, may be very important for your child. Things like birthday party, playing time etc can be very important for the kid so don’t try to trivialize things. Pay attention to what your child has to say. Small things like school experience, new friend, homework etc are big thing for them so pay close attention to those stuffs.


One of the oft-repeated mistakes committed by parents is criticizing their children. The focus should be on their behavior and not on their personality. Questioning your kids is a nice way to communicate difficult things. Never lose your temper because this might aggravate the situation. Allow child to believe that whatever he/she has to say will be paid due attention. Compliments are keys to confidence. Keep complimenting your child on every small achievement. These tips will go a long way in enhancing the confidence level of your child.

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