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Recreation is very important for children. Most kids today are well aware about how to use gadgets. Their favorite cartoon characters are their prized possessions used as a satchel, water bottle or a certain toy that becomes a rage. Kids take pride and love these items. The favorite pass time of most children happens to be playing games on the computer. Though it is advisable to get kids into outdoor games, computer games is an alternative to refresh the kids mind during stressful times.


Computer games can be resorted during exams, during recovery of sickness or sometimes when studies do not allow much time to be invested in outdoor activities. Addiction to computers is another vice much common among today’s generation. The thrill at riding the race bike or a formula car is great and kids love the scoring games.


There are many other games like  enacting of an entire movie like Harry Potter or the Tomb Raider. There is girlie stuff too with Barbie doll games. Shooting and archery is another computer game much loved by kids and adults. Totally negating computer games from a child’s life will increase their intrigue. Hence it is advisable for parents to let them play games on the computer in moderation.


It would only delight kids, if parents involved themselves at the game playing and also indulged competitively in the same. There are games on mathematics and general knowledge for the intellectually inclined. Parents should watch for downloads and restrict all the pirated downloads. Another problem is over exposing the kids to these kind of gaming makes them lethargic and their mind rusty. Enable your pc with the requirements and install a good sound system to feel the thrill while playing.


All of it is not bad and hence the intervening of parents is essential. Check for intelligent and thrilling games than action or silly ones. Kids need entertainment and one could also download a few puzzles from the internet. Legal sites are legitimate and allow you to download for a nominal fee. Board games too are incorporated for enjoyment of the entire family.  Play pictionary, logic games and simple games for three year olds. Educative games like animals, plants and general knowledge is interesting with animation and acoustics for little kids.

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