Common Mistakes of Pregnancy

When you are in the family way, everyone seems to want to voice out their opinion about what you should or should not be doing. It is vital to retain your own counsel and avoid slip ups that may prove detrimental to your body.

You should never adhere to your pre pregnancy sleep schedule. While 5-6 hours of sleep may have seemed to suffice earlier, physical changes of pregnancy sap your energy and you need to get more sleep. Go to bed an hour earlier or take naps. Women with chronic sleep debt may be deprived of energy to go through labour and childbirth.

Common Mistakes of  Pregnancy Never stop taking prenatal vitamins. These vitamins contain nutrients crucial to your baby’s development. If you feel nauseated, take the pill with food or you may split it and take half in the afternoon and half in the evening.

Your body doesn’t need additional calories to support your body until the second trimester. All you need is just 300 calories extra each day. Be cautious of excessive weight gain since this can lead to preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

It’s not true anymore that you need to cut out your favorite chocolates from your diet. In fact, if you feel deprived about what you can’t have, it ends up causing you more stress. It’s been proven that mothers who consumed chocolate in moderation daily had calmer, happier babies. Compounds in chocolate have a soothing, calming effect on the mother and also the baby.

It is not advisable to indulge in a little alcohol on the pretext that a little wine could do no harm. It is safe and healthy for you to avoid all alcoholic drinks including wine. Always keep yourself well informed since common mistakes in pregnancy can be avoided if you have the right information about it. Pay attention to good nutrition and refrain from eating fried and spicy food items.

Turn a deaf ear to people who advise you not to exercise. Exercise proves to be advantageous and beneficial to you during childbirth. Pregnancy is a very normal phenomenon in life and make up your mind to relax and enjoy this period of pregnancy. Adhere to your doctor’s advice and follow a normal routine. Most importantly, do not listen to old wives’ tales or believe in pregnancy myths. As mentioned previously, keep yourself well informed and keep your doctor informed about bodily changes.