Common cold among children



Climate change affects children a lot. Under the age of five, kids are very much susceptible to changes in climate. The common ailment is cold and some children usually have a tendency to catch cold at the slightest change in climate. New moms usually fret and go through various remedies to cure their children. Though prevention of virus is not easy there are simple things that one can do. Washing hands whenever dirty and keeping the home dust free is an option.


Honey is a good remedy and builds the immune system slowly. Actually cold is caused by a virus and the infection causes fever. Food allergies present by MSG or aerated drinks also have known to cause throat infection and tonsillitis. So barring a few things, the remedy for cold is to go on a healthy diet and avoid artificial foods. Usually doctors suggest mild cold syrup for cough but in severe cases and prolonged infection an antibiotic is prescribed.


Another home remedy is the warm water therapy during cold. This is soothing and also good to ward off fever. Kids are usually temperamental and fussy about eating during cold or fever and it is better to insist on soups and minced food during such times. The basic problem is they lose their sense of taste and this aggravates their fussiness about food. In chronic cases, ear infection occurs. Also check for the possibility of dust allergy that will trigger cold often.


Children also outgrow the problem of catching cold as they grow as their immune system tends to get stronger. Avoiding foods is certainly not required except if suggested by the padetrician as cold is basically caused due to an active virus. Insist on ventiallation, a pollution free environment and also lot of outdoor activity so that they can breathe in fresh air.


Extra care and love certainly does them good and is a great healer. Please let us have your suggestions to help many parents who go through a similar situation.

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