Colors of Holi


There is so much in the life of a child to look forward to. Everyday the blue sky, yellow sun and the bright red shoe flower is a way of showing the existence of vibrancy in life. March is the occasion of Holi that marks the color festival and also is a time to witness the change in climate. Welcoming the spring or the mild summer is coupled with kids preparing for their exams as the next month schedules itself with the reprieve of vacations.


Children usually love fun that is associated with colors. It is also true that small children do not like the brusque venture of application of colors that is so common about Holi. Introduce children to colors with a bit of turmeric or herbal colors that is safe for them. This will make them accustomed to game on the main day. The holi bonfire is another way of praying to the Almighty and the puran poli is also a compulsory treat.


There is a sprit of religious fervor felt during the festival especially when all of us are clad in white and enjoy the revelry with lots of game and the beat of dholak. Each child is different and though some children love the color play or cacophony there are others who will take their time to adjust to the festivity.


Teaching children about safety during Holi is very important. Make them understand the true spirit of the festival which is now replaced by throwing balloons at hapless people. This spoils the fun of Holi as colors are a way to rejoice and appreciate the gift of love which we receive through friends and relatives. There are safe colors available and make sure kids do not smear the colors in the eyes or ingest the same.


Robust behavior has to be corrected and usually children do understand the importance of bonding. It is also wise to tell them not to accept sweetmeats or eatables from stranger except under parent’s guidance as they may intoxicate them. Enjoy the sprinklers that come in a wide range of gear and shapes and make this Holi special with unadulterated fun.

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