Choices Or No Choices

Children have a wish and they want it fulfilled. However, parents usually object to their children’s choices as often as they feel legible to do so.


This leads to a situation where there is a tussle between the child and their parent. The parent wants to enforce their choice(s) upon their child which the child refuses at all costs. The child is then asked to do what their parents say and the child does not have any option or rather choice but do what their parents say unconvincingly.


This has an adverse effect on the relationship between the parent and their child on a long term note. There comes into place a communication gap because there is a difference in the perceptions between two people- the parent and their child. Moreover, the child starts feeling suppressed as he/she is not given a chance to express their choice(s). Children start feeling lonely and they wish their would be someone who would understand their concern.


Parents just think that they are doing all good for their dearest child who they always dream to see in the best of health, wealth and happiness. Unfortunately, they commit a lot of mistakes like unconvincingly enforcing their choices on their children. Sometimes, it might become essential for a parent to ask their children to do certain things at all costs but that should not be the case always.


Children must be made to understand what their parents think and why. Children must given the time to come up with their ideas even against the ideas of their parents in a healthy way. Arguments, debates and discussions must happen between a parent and a child . the child must be given the choice to express their thinking, feelings and understanding. Parents must convince their children to do what they want rather than enforce their choices on their children which will definitely have disadvantages for the parent in the long run. Happy Parenting!


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