Child safety

Safety for a child is a delicate issue. For an infant, supervision is necessary as the child might suckle on the play toy and accidentally put the parts in his mouth. It is also important to breast feed the child in the sitting position as there are chances of suffocation. A better alternative to rocking the child is to soothe the baby with gentle pats. It is also not quite ok to rock the child on the lap as the jerks may be violent.

It is important to take care of the child while feeding. Temperature spoons are available that help you test if the food is too hot. While traveling, always test the food yourself to detect if the food is stale. Plastic bottles contain toxics and hence not recommended. It is important to boil the water for 20 minutes inorder to eradicate germs. The same can be used for cooking food. It is natural to take care while feeding the baby with semi solids. The food can be pureed, mashed and dipped in water to make it is easy on the palate and gulping.

It is also important to have beepers close to the cot when it is not possible for you to supervise the child. In case the child has started turning on the stomach, more care to be taken as they normally rub their nose hard on the cot for support. Mosquito repellants emit slow poison and hence a net is preferred. In case you have an older child, then it is best to supervise at all times. Kids are innocent and in a bid to help the baby they may harm them. Siblings may also be initially jealous and hence it is better to prevent problems.

Bathing a child should be very comfortable. Massage should be gentle on the skin as there is no real reason to press and squeeze the child with herbal home made items. Massage is about bonding and relaxing and hence a mild moisturizer or coconut oil is more than enough. In case kids have boils or rashes it is better to take the advice of the doctor. Till kids are old enough to clearly express, it is important to take the child to the doctor for all kinds of illness. Self medication is dangerous.

Motherhood normally makes a person aware of probable threats and hence it is better to observe caution. Toddlers love to explore switches, sharp items and kitchen is their favorite play area. Watch out for falls from sofas, injury while climbing stools and ingesting loose parts from toys. Installing grills is very much recommended and so also switches can be plugged when not in use. Watching them grow is also about making them aware of danger and letting them grow without inhibitions.

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