Child Health Myths

Children only need to exercise if they are overweight. However the truth is that along with exercise, there needs to be a control on your child’s diet. And vis-à-vis even a slim child needs exercise to maintain health and be fit.

Children need to rest after a busy week. In reality children have a lot of energy that moms think that they have. Encourage your child to play a sport rather than playing computer games and watching cartoon for hours on television. This is anyways not the right way to relax. Ask your children to help you during weekends. This can also be a relaxing experience for them.

As long as children are fit, they can eat anything. Being slim is not an indicator that your child is fit. Your child’s health is dependent on his or her diet to a great extent. Hence, pay special attention to what kind of food your child intakes. If you are a vegetarian, make sure your child is supplemented with extra milk or more vegetables. Avoid giving fried food and processed foods to children.

Healthy food is expensive. Not really! It only needs some amount of research to know how easily healthy food items can be prepared at home. Items like til chikki, nachni laddoo, oat honey biscuits, almond pista kheer, fruit salad etc can be easily prepared at home and serve as a healthy option to other kinds of foods that may harm the body.

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