Child Encouragement Is A Must!

Everyone experiences various emotions and many of them are fear, anger and even laughter. However, some emotions can be disastrous for a child’s growth if the child experiences them intensely. Emotions such as fear and anger are known as negative emotions because they are known to have unhealthy effects. They are even known to lead people to heart attacks, psychological problems and high blood pressure issues at a later stage of life. This is a scientifically proven fact that emotions have an effect on our body, mind and soul, not to forget our heart.


If you are a parent or an adult, you would have experienced most of these negative emotions already. However, many times you might not have been able to win over these emotions and keep calm. Keeping calm builds encouragement naturally within you. Similarly, it does within your child.


“Teaching your children to not control their emotions or limit their emotional experiences but to have a command over their emotions is neccessary. Only you as an adult can help them acheive that.”


Ultimately, you require a brave and fearless child rather than a fearful child, and only your encouragement can enable a child to be fearless, brave & courageous all their life.

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