Child care leave

The biggest promotion in life is becoming a parent. A person with a lot of determination and focus suddenly becomes vulnerable to a lot of things after parenthood. A mother is a natural care giver and it is a mother’s instinct to care for her offspring unconditionally. Though there are several books available on child care and rearing, there is no generalized rule and actually motherhood is a self experience.

The centre in India is recognizing the struggle of Indian women in balancing her career and home front and hence has plans to extend ‘child care leave’ for all working mothers. This is applicable in many other countries and is necessary for many requirements of nurturing a child. The maternity leave going up to 90 days in India, is exclusively given to mothers. There are also plans to increase it to 6 months in government organizations. Many times in case of nuclear set ups or when support is not available at home the working women quits abruptly and foregoes many career opportunities and other privileges. This is a point to be noted.

‘Child care leave’ is additional leave given for about 2 years or 730 days to working mothers and can be availed till the children are upto 18 years of age. However this is subject to only 2 children. The leave can be availed during the entire period of service. There are several exigencies which require the mother and child to bond together in case of examinations, sickness, hospitalization or personal family problems.

This leave can also be extended after the maternity leave so that the bonding is encouraged. This is a boon to many working mothers who find it difficult to spend quality time or nurse the child. Bonding of mother and child is very important and can solve many problems like aggression, slow learning and instill discipline in the child.

This is a super bonanza that is a sure reward for many women aspiring a career. The role of a mother in nurturing a child is very important. The ‘Child care leave’ is apart from other leaves given to all employees in general. Kudos to the Government on recognizing this need.

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