Child Abuse

There was a time when Indians could not believe that there was something called as child abuse. It is shocking to know that one in every five kids in India is abused. Child abuse is the most common crime today. Today, children are punished, beaten up, tortured, raped and what not. When it comes to child abuse, most people have the perception that it is sexual abuse on children. However, that is not the case. Child abuse can be of four types mainly, mental, physical, emotional and sexual. Any type of the above abuse can be a crime.

Child abuse has long term effects on children. Some of the common effects found are nervousness, depression, fear, pale face, poor communication skills, low on confidence etc. What is more socking to know is that, in India, the abuse happens in the family itself. Hence make sure that as parents one takes the necessary precautions that include: not letting your child be with any relative until you really trust that person. Introduce the concept of child abuse to your kid and warn him to inform you if anything is suspicious. Many children go to play with other kids in the building compound. Ask your child not to leave the compound premises without your permission. Do not be overly trustful on the watchmen.

Institutes like Childline (1098) are striving to heal abused children. It offers counseling and other therapies so that children can lead a normal lifestyle ahead. The healing process may be long but it is surely worth it

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