Cartoons and fairy tales


Growing up times and watching cartoons are inseparable. It is the child’s way of relating to animation and enjoying the abrupt movements and jokes that makes them interested in cartoons. It is real fun to watch Ninja Hatori conjure up magic and save his home people. There are more interesting facts that tell us about Ninja rules and also the innocence in the little brave hearts.


Scooby Dooby doo takes us on an adventure trip and it is also spooky in its perception. Children get excited with ghosts and things that create mystery and it is well captured in this cartoon. There are many other serials too that are remakes of Superman in a very Indian form. There are stories on Arabian tales and kids actually believe in real magic and enjoy the defeat of the bad witch and the evil magician.


Several cartoon videos are available like the Arabian tales series or the adventures of Aladdin and the magic lamp. There is so much innocence in the stories of Snow white and Cinderella. Books also come in cute paperbacks with a vivid range of colors to make it attractive to children. The language is simple and once kids get into reading they love turning the pages and get into a read-aloud session.


Though cartoon watching is not bad per-se, there needs to be regulation. Like in my case, I actually sit with my daughter Nishika, and let me have a feel of the story line. There are good concepts in certain cartoons and a lot to learn from. Besides most of the cartoons are dubbed in Hindi and that is actually good, since children get to here good Hindi without any hint from other languages.



Regular cartoons are also available on weekdays and it is also a medium for children to unwind. Epic stories like Ramayana, Hanuman or Krishna in the animated motion picture are concised into half-hour slots in most channels. Kids do understand ethics and good behavior and love to watch these cartoons. This is also a good time to bond with kids and explain to them the finer points in the story of the cartoon.  Am sure all parents still love to watch Tom and Jerry and love the education theme in Dora – The explorer.  Do let me have your feeback on this article.

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