Car Safety for Kids

Car safety is an important factor for the safety of your child as in America only, 40% of the total child death number happens in car accidents. In India more than 60,000 children die every year in road accidents and much more than that suffer disability.

For the safety of the children some points should not be forgotten –

  1. CAR SEAT SAFETY – It consists those arrangemments and measures that should be practised in order to avoid major injuries to the child in the case of an accident. First of all always try to give your child backseat if your car does not have the latest safety equipements to avoid a head injury to the frontseaters. Regardless to the seat given to the child, seat belt is a must. A special three point seat belt is used for smaller children. The child must always be fastened with a seat belt in a running car. If the seat belt is not perfectly fit according to the child’s measurements, it will not serve any purpose and the child will be harmed badly in an accident even after using the belt.
  2. CHILD SAFETY SEATS –  Some specially designed seats are available for children in order to provide them a perfect restraint according to their size. These seats are more comfortable for him because of the proper size. It fixes him in a immovable hence more safe position. The child’s seat should be placed to the front passenger seat facing backward and the seat should be moved back as much as possible to maintain a safe distance from the dash- board.
  3. SAFETY TIPS FOR KIDS – Child’s complete body should be propery fit into the child seat, not even his head should spring out. A child should not be placed in a child seat more than half an hour in a day due to his back muscles that are underdeveloped and could be harmed. If the child is younger than 12 years, disable the air bag if he sits on the front seat. The reason is that the air bags are very hard and strong when inflated and can harm the child’s head severly. An air bag is placed so low that it can suffocate the child if opens. If a  child over 12 year is using the front seat, move that seat back in order to provide a safe distance which will prevent him from choking by air bag.