building self esteem

A teenager or a toddler have their own milestones to set. This can be in terms of becoming independent or realizing the importance of achieving. Setbacks do happen in life and many times they help the child set bigger ambitions. Falling and bruising the palms is normal for a toddler. It would certainly help if the parent enthusiastically helps the child balance on his own or be on the swing under supervision.

These days the bar on performance in academics, sports or extra curricular events is very high. Parents also realize that it is important to let the child make choices in these spheres and yet be there in total support. Whether we need to actually coach our child in achieving targets is quite a questionable situation. Children usually understand the importance of targets and positions and they are naturally competitive.

A bit of healthy competition is the best ingredient for success. Moderation in every ambition is also important. Many times I find in sports events children miss the trophy in the blink of an eye. This is also to be accepted by the child as a process. Give them your undivided attention when they are on your practice session.

Low self esteem in children is generally masked as introvertish behavior. This usually goes neglected in the hope that children will outgrow the same. A snide remark or being bullied by peers can have disastrous impact on the life. In case the child does not want to be social or is losing interest in normal activities then counseling help is certainly available for parents as well as children. Lots of love, encouragement, disciplines and being a good role model automatically builds a healthy environment for our child.

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