Boost Your Child’s IQ

We have many expectations from our children. Right from the time they are born we like to see them on top of everything. The cutting edge competition existing in our society makes sure that a child always needs to perform in every sphere be it academics, extra-curricular or artistic hobbies. To perform equally well in all the departments, a child needs to have better IQ than the average child. So is there any way you can improve the IQ of the kid? Yes, it is very much possible.


First of all you need to make sure that child is getting appropriate sleep. Ideally it should be eight hours of sound sleep. Proper sleep helps in developing brain power. Child with less sleep tends to get stressed and his recalling power is also comparatively low. The second important thing is child’s initiation into games. The game of chess is extremely helpful in enhancing the IQ of the child. Parents must encourage their wards to play chess as and when possible. The thing about chess is it is different every day. The more they play it, better they will find different methods of solving a problem. They will also learn to analyze the problem and see different angles to solve it. Ultimately brain becomes more flexible.


The intake of sodium, read salt must be reduced to improve the brain power of the child. Ideally, a teaspoon of salt is all that is required by a child on a daily basis. It pays to remember that these habits are initiated by parents and stick with the child for the rest of his life. The IQ power also gets a boost when child revises what he has learnt in school. Parents should make sure that the child revises every day. If he does it next time or in hurry he is not likely to remember them for longer duration. Lastly, we all know the benefits of yoga. It does wonders to a child’s physical and mental well-being even if he does it for just 10-15 minutes every day.

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