Bonding with Baby (for fathers)

For all the first time fathers, having a baby is all about enthusiasm, excitement and at the same time nervousness. Since most fathers are working, they usually do not get enough time to spend with their babies. Mothers bond with their babies more than fathers because they are nursing them (in most cases).
To bond with babies, fathers need to look after and play with their children and spend time at home on weekends rather than going out with friends. On weekdays, when fathers return home from work, babies are sleeping. You really do not want to wake your child up because you do not get time otherwise. However, rather than mothers waking up every time the child cries, try to wake up instead and let your child go to bed.

On Sundays, spend the day with your baby. Make your baby bathe and play with him or her with the toys, feed him and watch cartoon with him or her. This is a great bonding exercise with your kid. Take your kid out in the evening. Take him for a movie or take him to an amusement park. Become a kid to bond with your kid. Become his friend and there will be no better way to feel young!

Many fathers complain that their kids do not come to them and start crying on seeing them. This is because you have not bonded well with your child. Try to spend a day with them, woo them with toys and chocolates and win their hearts!

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