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A family decision is a very personal subject. Each family has different rules and beliefs and kids normally adjust and respond to logical explanations. Sending a child to boarding school is a very big decision. One has to clearly understand the implications, set rules of the boarding school and adhere to emotional circumstances. The choice unusually is due to family pressure or if the family believes that this will bring the best in the child.


Large family set ups does not allow the child to mould in a desired pattern. This confuses children as elders in the house are not united in their views. Many times a boarding school would be an apt way to keep the child away from a destructive and mindless atmosphere. Boarding schools are equipped with qualified teachers and staff who understand the child’s needs and have formulated policies accordingly.


For people who are hard pressed for time owing to travel, work or personal pressures, boarding school as a choice may not work out. Long distance relationship with the child takes quite a toll on all the people in the family. One has to clearly understand that the child will be restricted to meet only with prior permission, outings have to strictly under rules and even gifts or food items need prior permission. Initial days are quite difficult for parents, siblings and the child. Coping with emotional pressures is very difficult though a good boarding school makes the child independent and stronger.


A change in lifestyle by making time for your child and also allotting a trusted care giver can be seen as an alternative to boarding school. Kids at a tender age surely need love and attention of their parents and crave for being approved. It is necessary to communicate to the child that he is not rejected or low in the priority list. Abusive atmosphere at homes, constant fights between spouses can have disastrous effect on the child and in these cases a boarding school is a much secure place.


Not all choices in life are easy. Some choices like a boarding school can be a tough decision but constantly pulling the child out of a school and putting him/her back is playing with their emotions. If the decision is a wise one, then it is better to stick with the same. Love has to be expressed in the form of remembering special days, celebrating festivals, appreciating, keeping a photo gallery and spending time together. Not all kids adjust well to a boarding school but some show excellent results. This is a very personal choice and not to be influenced by other factors.

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