Biscuits..healthy option for kids?

Everybody loves to munch on biscuits. Children and adults like to indulge themselves into creamy flavored biscuits. But most nutritionist and dietitians suggest avoiding these lip smacking bakery products as they have high fat content and refined flours like fine flour which is not a very healthy option. Here is the thus a good option of home-made healthy biscuits.  Biscuits are not too difficult to prepare once you learn the art of making them.


As far as home-made biscuits recipe are concerned, you can take care of the calorie intake per biscuit. Though most recipes indicate high calorie weightage to biscuits, one can supplement them with low calorie equivalents.


There are so many biscuits that are available in the market today that can be easily made at home like soya biscuits, oat biscuits, whole wheat biscuits etc. Every biscuit needs a basic flour, soda, salt and sugar. Once that is in place, there are some quick biscuit making recipes to lure ones tongue. Biscuits can be made in a variety of flavors by adding different essence and tangs to it; depending on what is one’s preference and choice.


Biscuit making can really be quite a fun with such easy and quick biscuit recipes. Your kids will love it if you involve them in the process too. Once you will delight your taste buds with home-made biscuits you will surely get hooked on to them wanting to make them each time you feel like eating cookies.  

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