Bhakti and Bhajans at home

Bhakti and Bhajans are no more a part of a daily routine of a family in a metro fast life. However, being exposed to bhakti and bhajan songs can give a great amount of mental peace to you and your family. Kids living in the new generation think of bhaktis and bhajans to be uncool but in reality, exposing a kid to these soothing songs can help them cope with their fast life.


Most Bhajans recite an anecdote through words that are composed and fitted to a tune. These words preach the teachings of saints. Some of the popular saints that have advocated the use of Bhajans are Tulsidas, Kabir, Chaitanya, Haridas, Soordas, Mira, etc. Their songs are still sung today and they form an integral part Hinduism as a culture. Another word that is related to Bhajans is Kirtan. These devotional songs are called kirtans. Kirtans recite the mantras in a musical tome from the rich Indian Vedas. Listening to these songs in the morning can give you great peace. Most Bhajans were composed in Hindi and also in common regional languages of India such as Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Sanskrit etc. Bhajans helped masses of the India to come close to one another. It gave people a way and an approach to connect with God directly.


What we really need to change today in our society are the zillion perceptions and prejudices that young generation has about so many things that they never experienced. For example, Yoga a few years back was considered ‘unkool’ by the young population but because its benefits are seen today, power yoga has become the new buzzword. Hence I feel that as parents one needs to incorporate these thoughts in you kids.

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