Being careful about what you speak in front of kids…

Children are always good at picking up words from their immediate environment that they are living in. Parents need to keep their antennas active constantly so that they remain careful about the language that they speak in front of their kids. It is necessary to practice what one preaches…Sometimes, parents laugh when they see their child repeating what they just said and they let it go. But it is a time you get a reality check on yourself – is my kid listening carefully to the conversations I make? Children are also capable to pretending that they are engaged in playing or doing other activity but it is possible that he or she is catching all that you are talking either on the phone or in person. Please do not laugh and discourage your friends and other family members from laughing when your child says a abusive word. Your child may interpret laughter as encouragement.

Also, try and stop the arguments that you may have with your spouse in front of children. It can turn out to be stressful for the kid. Many couples argue and fight with each other for long period of time in front of their kid and in this process, the kid is either left ignored or he is agitated. This can really depress your kid. Hence it is necessary that parents remain ultra carful about the conversation they make with others in front of their kids. Also, if possible inform your friends and family members to do the same.

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