Bed wetting in Children

Bed wetting or sleep wetting is referred to the passing of urine while sleeping. It is commonly seen in young children. There are a number of causes for bed wetting. It can be hereditary, physical causes, psychological causes or stress.

In maximum cases, bed wetting is inherited. If the parent suffered from bed wetting, then the chances of the child to become a bed wetter increase. Also it can be due to physical traits. Children with a relatively small bladder or a problem with the valve tend to suffer from bed wetting. Constipated children are prone to experience bed wetting. Bed wetting can also happen due to psychological or neurological reasons. Sometimes the brain takes time to develop and it cannot control the bladder at an early age. Stress is another major reason for children suffering from bed wetting.
Children who undergo stress due to reasons like conflict between parents, domestic violence, peer pressure, etc are likely to start wetting the bed.

Children suffering from bed wetting have low self-esteem and low self-confidence. They are often teased by friends and peers and punished by uninformed and ignorant parents. Parents should remember that bed wetting is unintentional and unintended.

Parents can take a few measures to help their children when it comes to bed wetting like bed wetting alarms and security systems to detect if this happens. Avoid letting them consume any liquid a few hours before they go off to bed. Also, make him go to the toilet before going to bed. Ensure that your child is wearing warm nightwear because a drop in the temperature increases the chances of bed wetting. Consulting a doctor is very important as he may subscribe medical cure as well as notify you about the exact cause.

Bed wetting is not a disease but just a temporary condition. Children should not be avoided or punished because of this. Parents should understand and also make their children realize that it is a very normal condition and will be gradually cured with time.

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