Baby safe kitchen zone

It is necessary that one keeps all the areas in the home safe, keep away all the things that can harm your baby. Kitchen is one area that needs special attention so that you can be sure you have put all the things aside that may harm your baby. It is advisable to install a fire extinguisher handy and a smoke detector. Keep refrigerators and microwaves locked. Stoves in the kitchen need to be covered – cover them with a store knob lock or an affix a stove shield. Try and use back burners when possible. Do not forget to turn handles toward the back or center.

All cabinets and drawers that contain all the cooking equipments should have latches. Knives, cutters, and such other sharp objects should be put into one drawer and that should be out of your children’s reach. Do not give your child any plastic products to play with as it may pose the risk of choking. Even otherwise, plastic products contain harmful materials that children should be refrained from. It is also important to remember to put away all cleaning products or other potentially harmful kitchen products immediately after you use them. Infants are at the greatest risk for choking because of their tendency to put anything in their mouth and incapacity to chew.

Foods like peanuts, corn, other nuts, hard candies should be given to the child with care because these are the biggest choking hazard for young children.

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