Baby hair care tips

Like adults follow a special hair regime for their body, babies also need a daily hair care regime. Like adults babies too need hair oiling, hair shampooing and proper hair combing. However, since baby hair is soft, you need special baby hair care products that are chemical free and do not cause harm to the eye in case of shampoos.

Baby hair is usually washed twice or thrice a week. This is because he or she is likely to be at home and so the hair is not really dirty. Sometimes, babies too have the problem of dandruff and to tackle this problem there are several baby shampoos that are specially meant for baby hair dandruff. It is said that rubbing olive oil on the scalp helps to lose those unwanted white flakes on your kid’s head.

Always use shampoos that do not cause irritation or burning sensation in your child’s eyes. Some of the mild baby shampoo can also cause irritation to the skin and the eye and hence mothers/fathers need to find the correct shampoo that suits their baby’s hair the most.

Combing your baby’s hair can be yet another activity that brings a “phew!” expression on most parents. Baby’s hair is soft and after wash there can be some tangles in it, removing which is an ordeal! Hence, the brush that you need for this should have soft bristles. In case of a comb, it should be wide toothed. Avoid a brush that has fine bristles because they can get caught in between your child’s hair which can lead to a lot of discomfort.

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