Baby Girl Names

A baby girl is a form of ‘Lakshmi’, as considered in the Indian tradition. Her birth is considered auspicious and has a lot of significance attached to it. She has been considered as the image of the Goddess residing at home.

Baby Girl Names Due to the importance of the girl child, naming a baby girl is quite a tough job. It is the property of the name that any name gets interpreted and engrossed to a personality. This is Indian belief that the name shapes the destiny of the being and hence people usually tend to name the child in a meaningful manner. And when it is the girl child, no parent can afford to just pass it on as this name will become her strength in times to come. Saachi, Sach, Nishika, Niki, Nikitasha and Satya refer to truth, serenity and honesty. There are real good names after flowers and seasons like Prajakta, Mallika, Jasmine, Juhi, Mrinalini and Petula.

Sometimes, unusual names are very interesting. The uniqueness of a name is what most parents want for their child. ‘Sanvi’ means one that is pursued, ‘Aashika’ is a blessing; ‘Priyasi’ means beloved, ‘Prerna’ means inspiration. Geet, Sangita, Gunjan, Geetika, Vani is related to melody and music. ‘Grishma’ means a season, ‘Varsha’ means the rain, ‘Ruth’ means season and ‘Nabha’ means the sky.

‘Jaya’ is victory, ‘Heena’ means henna and ‘Anisha’ signifies continuum and uninterrupted perpetual process that never stops. Heather means a flower. ‘Gulshan’ means a garden of flowers. ‘Nidhi’ means treasure, ‘Varadha’ is a bestower of boons, ‘Tara’ means star and ‘Maya’ means illusion. ‘Dhara’ means earth and ‘Sarita’ is for fluent. ‘Lina’ means absorbed, ‘Hansini’ is swan like, ‘Aditi’ means boundless and relates to freedom. ‘Madhuri’ is sweet.

‘Reva’ is one that moves and ‘Aarna’ means wave or ocean. ‘Bhavana’ relates to feelings, ‘Bhumika’ is earth and ‘Brishti’ means rain. ‘Sahana’ means Goddess Laxmi. ‘Indira’ is splendor, ‘Padmini’ means Lotus, ‘Shuba’ and ‘Suchi’ means pure.