Avoid Comparing Your Children…

Every parent who has more than one child, by and large, compares his/her children with each other. When it comes to parenting, comparisons between children are a big no-no. Although it is natural to make such assessments, they can be really harsh and demoralize your child.


With children in the house, you are going to come across situations like sibling competition, disagreements and envy, so instead of adding on to these tribulations, parents should appreciate their children for what they are.


Every child is special in their own way. Like all the fingers of your hand aren’t the same size, all the children in your house can’t have the same characteristics. But each one is unique and must be treated so by their parents. If you compare them, they will start seeing those comparisons as the bad in them and will lose all their confidence.


Every parent should be extremely careful while addressing their children. Sometimes, even while complimenting them you should be cautious. For example, if you say that one is sweet but the other is smart, the former will hear that she’s not smart and the latter will assume that she’s not sweet.


Every child is entitled to his own identity and we as parents should help them shape it. By comparing children, they will only build a sense of hatred for themselves and will start ostracizing them from the outside world.


Make children love themselves, by identifying their personal attributes and by appreciating them individually. Love them for what they are and let them know how important they are to you. Avoid comparing them with each other and instead help them strengthen their limitations with love, care and sensitivity.

So now it’s time for you to cherish and admire your little ones and feel fortunate to have them in your life!

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