As children prepare for the board exams …

Children need your utmost support and understanding especially during the exams. At a time when your child has reached an age where he or she is appearing for the board exams, there needs to be crystal clear communication, cooperation and understating and mental peace on both the sides – the child and the parents. Parents should try not to put any kind of pressure on the child. Rather, support him in his learning and try and be of as much help to your child as you can. During exams, take care of the child’s diet apart from his studies. Avoid giving her any kind of fried foods. Rather, a dish of flakes and hot milk can be a good healthy option. Do not make your child over eat as that may lead to him or her feeling puckish. Increase the intake of liquids.

Keep a regular tab on your child’s performance. Help with subjects where he feels he is weak. Try and know how is immediate environment is apart from the home. Many a times, children get into depression because of the constant pressure that tuitions and coaching classes put on the child. Sometimes, children are scolded in front of other students and because of that the child may totally lose his confidence. This may result in poor performance of the child. Hence take control of the situation and review it time and again. Take actions immediately. If your child is not comfortable at a particular coaching class, speak to him and if possible, let him join a class where your child feels comfortable and can learn.

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