Appreciation: A Tool To Build A Child’s Motivational System!

When a child is small, it requires every small appreciation from its parents to do the right things. As a good parent, it becomes your responsibility to handle your child carefully. Children are very sensitive and so a parent must remain careful to make sure, a child’s belief system is not infected with any illusionary or negative beliefs. What children believe at a young early age is what they preach all their lives. If beliefs are enforced up on the child, irrespective of the belief being positive or negative, the future of the child can be affected severely by the act.

It is human nature that everyone loves to be appreciated and nurtured with love, care & affection. Children as a matter of fact get influenced faster than adults. They are really quick at grasping words, actions, habits, etc. If they are appreciated rightly at a very young age to make a mark of their own in the whole world, they can emerge as ‘revolutionaries’ or even as legendary personalities.

Now, the point is: What is the right way to build a child’s motivation system?

A child, when small, is finding him/her self lost in the crystal maze and is trying to find answers to questions that ‘seem’ to have no answer. A child requires a guide and there can be no better person than a well-educated parent to guide their children. The right way to build a child’s motivational system is to make him/her feel loved.

While you are asking your child to build a value system for him/her self, it is essential that you appreciate their efforts while they follow and apply every single part of their value system. This way, you are building a natural motivational system for your child.

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