Animal facts for kids

Children relate to anything that holds a surprise. They have intrigue for colours, sounds, size and shapes. The are fascinated by the crawling of an ant and the walk of an elephant. The wide-eyed look, the open-mouthed amazement is a great thrill to them and amuses us too. Knowledge has to be initiated early with gentle persuasion. Get the child interested with simple books and colours. Instead of showing them the picture of a cat or a dog let them start with colouring.


While strolling on the pavement let them watch the street dog and learn parts of his body. Ask them what is the difference between them and the dog. Easily they point out the ‘tail’. Wag an imaginary tail and howl or bark like a dog. There are ripples of laughter and the child has gained some knowledge. Draw a kennel and a sleeping dog. This way the child has learnt the animal, his cry and its habitat.


Curriculums in school today are placed at a global level. The child is aware of a komodo dragon, rattlesnake and the metamorphosis of a frog. Show them pictures of a toad and frog and how they croak. Mouse like cheese and rats are rodents. As the kid gets interested in the birds teach them about birds of prey and mightier birds. Farm animals and wild animals are like by  kids.


Let them watch how speedy the deer is and the pace of a tortoise. There are varieties of water animals. Tell them about the squid, lobster and the types of whales. They would love to touch the bottle nosed dolphin which can be a special treat when you take them to a special aquarium.


The pouch of a kangaroo and their natural hop can be well imitated when you assemble the kids at home for a evening get together. This is a perfect idea for a fancy dress programme at a birthday party. Let them find out their favourite animal (which changes each year) and keep a book of pictures which can be cut outs from newspapers and magazines.


It is important for kids to be kind to animals. Caging animals is bad for their welfare and health. Take them to conservation parks and teach them about animals becoming extinct.

Surely the dinosaur will  always be their favourite subject as animals facts reveal stunning truths

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