Accidents in small children

Unavoidable circumstances often test our minds. Firstly the most important thing is when you have children, the pediatricians or the nearest hospitals number has to be registered in your mobile and telephone diary. Emergency may arise any time and handy information is vital during such a time. Though all of us have the knowledge of first aid it is still important to rush the child to the doctor.


Kids often react to the situation available. Panic is often noted during a fracture, bleeding or choking. This is a natural reaction but parents must remain calm at all times. Help is certainly available with experts and friends can be located by a simple call. My daughter recently had a fall in her skating class and though I was dazed I kept reassuring my child that I am going to take care of her. She stopped crying despite the pain and I rushed to nearest orthopedic.


Patience is also a virtue as we wait for the doctors amidst the long queue of emergencies. Assure the child and comfort him or her with lots of love. Air your problems freely with the doctor and co operate at every instance. Only if you are not convinced with the doctor’s suggestion must you go in for a second opinion as timely action is warranted.


Kids have unpredictable behavior and suddenly get into outbursts. Explain to them in simple terms about their restrictions and precautions. Keeping a watchful eye over them is absolutely essential. Medicines and allergies have to be communicated to the doctor and the dosages must be given at proper intervals.


Diet and sleep certainly aid healing. Make sure to give the child lot of fresh air, a happy atmosphere and take them to outings so that they maintain their social interaction. Nothing lasts for ever and this is also a part of growth.


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