A Way of Life: Gandhian philosophy for kids

Mahatma Gandhi is invariably the best leader India could have got. Today, he is a source of inspiration for people all across the world. Gandhiji was not just a leader but a spiritual teacher and a social reformer as well.

Children can learn a lot from reading about the ‘Gandhian way of life’. Mahatma Gandhi was very firm on his thoughts, his ideologies, his actions and his beliefs. Some of the values he believed in were ahimsa (non violence) and honesty.

Rather than spending each night deciding what stories to tell your child, pick up a book which describes Gandhiji’s life and narrate these incidents to your children. It will not only imbibe good values in children but will also help them to know a little of history. Gandhiji has given the example of a tree which has a single trunk and many branches. Similarly, India is a trunk with so many religions existing as branches of the same tree. Gandhian philosophy is adored to the extent that movies like Munnabhai showcase how Gandhian philosophy can be practiced in today’s life.

Gandhiji believed in living simple. Simplicity was a virtue for him. Unlike today’s generation of kids who spend thriftly and waste most of the time in watching TV and talking on the mobile, Gandhiji valued time and would not let a single minute go waste. Stories like these can only help your child to get inspired and turn a better individual as he/she grows.

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