A Story Of A Child And A Father…!

There was a father who believed in making lots of money and had a child who wanted to be embraced by his father every day when he came back from work. The child waited for his father to arrive soon as it was already 10.00 PM in the night. Soon…

It became 11.00 PM…

The child is still awake.. talking to his mother and thinking that his father will arrive soon.. His mother calls up the father of the child but his fathers cell phone is switched off..

It turned 12.00 P.M..

The child is still awake.. anxiously awaiting his father’s arrival.. again his mother tries calling up the child’s father on his cell phone.. the phone is ringing.. but the father does not pick up the phone..

It turned 1.00 PM..

The child became more anxious and was starting to loose hope that his dad won’t arrive so soon.. Thinking and thinking in the hope that his father will bring a toy or some gifts for him and speak with him for an hour or so about what he did the whole day…

But in vain..

Life does not always happen the way we expect it to happen and we desire.. The child goes to sleep with an incomplete desire which he hopes to fullfill it the next day..

The child leaves for school early at 7.00 AM in the morning and the father is still sleeping. Slowly and steadily, the father develops a habit of coming late from office due to the load of work that he has to complete. The father leaves at 9.00 AM for office and returns home at 1.00, 2.00 or even 4.00 AM when his dearest child is sleeping.

The child does not get an opportunity to express his dreams, desires, feelings to his father..

The father believes that his child will be more happier if he works harder than ever and earns the family a wholesome of wealth. The child wants his father more than the money. The child seeks encouragement in the form of attention.


The father gets engrossed too much in his professional lifestyle that he ignores his family for which he is living and is making a living too..

And the child gets too anxious day-by-day, rebels too often, gets too aggressive,

Remains depressed.. disturbed.. doesn’t speak too often..

Makes disturbing comments.. watches horror on television..

The child’s grows up with an anti-social rebellion and.. the father and son have lost touch..

They do not have much communication between them and in fact, develop a communication gap..

The child becomes a teenager..

Turns to smoking, drugs, sex and alcohol..

Now, he has started living in another world away from his house. But now..

The father realizes his mistake..
The mistake of ignoring his child, his beloved.. and not being with his child, giving him special time and space, when the child wanted his father to be by his bedside.

But it is too late now.. the father has already destroyed his respect in front of his beloved child.

The child doesn’t consider his father as anyone ‘important’ or rather ‘special’.

The child has a very depressing view of life..

While the child reaches 24 years of age, he dies..

The father cannot bear the shock and gets a heart attack..

All his hard work and effort in creating the wealth has been wasted..

He deeply LOVED his child but did not know how to convey it especially when it was required. He lived a life that was full of illusion and ignorance and never could know what LOVE was.. he never explored what LOVE meant.. to his child, to his wife..

He believed that wealth was the only true source of power and not LOVE!

Parents often forget, avoid or ignore their children for doing their day-to-day responsibilities, often blame children as a burden, cannot handle their responsibilities comfortably, do not have a time management system. These habits have an adverse effect on their child’s present and future.

Parents forget that their family, professional, social and personal life are equally important because their experiences “influence” their child drastically in all aspects of life. Being a mentor to a child is good parenting and ignoring the child is bad parenting. A child requires help in all aspects of life and the parent needs to be there. A parent must learn to maintain a balance within their lives and not overlook their children’s needs for their personal or professional ambitions.

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